Loma Rica /

   Browns Valley

        Fire Department















Loma Rica / Browns Valley Community Services District

Regular Meeting:  February 19, 2007






Item 1)   Meeting Call To Order:


A) Roll Call:          Present – Cerf, Gardner, Poggi, Sherburn

                    Absent - Ford


B) Pledge of Allegiance


  Item 2) Public Communications:

          No Public Communications


Item 3) Approve Minutes:


A) Minutes For Regular Meeting of January 15, 2007 Approved


Motion To Approve: Gardner             Second: Sherburn          Vote: Unanimous Voice Vote



Item 4) Financials:


A) Warrants:    Warrant Detail Sheet provided by Treasurer Gardner via e-mail; No further discussion required at this time; copy of warrants attached to minutes


B) Accounts:     CPA Brooks was unable to attend meeting.  Financial statements were forwarded to all Directors via e-mail.  No questions at this time.


C) Update Audit for 2005 / 2006:  Treasurer Gardner reported that initial meeting with the auditor took place as scheduled on January 24, 2007.  Several additional items were requested and have been received.  District should be receiving further correspondence in March. This item will continue to March agenda.



Item 5) Chief’s Report:


Chief Kavanagh reported:


A) Operations:  Completed grant application in the amount of $15,100 for various items including new radios to meet new frequency requirements.  If approved, grant is a 50/50 match; Volunteer firefighter currently enrolled in commercial type driving course in order to obtain necessary license to allow driving of large fire apparatus; Yuba County requested copy of Five Year Plan to include in County Hazards Mitigation Program; ISO update has been completed – Engine #63 and additional District water sources have been included; NFPA survey completed; first phase of LAFCO CDF review completed; Fire suppression pond in Peoria Ridge subdivision found to be running dry – control valve has been closed to preserve water;  Del Yuba Water Association (Las Quintas subdivision) is working on water system – while undergoing repairs, hydrants will be dry; Yuba Fire Safe Council, in conjunction with Yuba County Sheriff has devised an evacuation plan for the foothills and is preparing pamphlets for homeowners;  Yuba Fire Safe Council has applied for grants to fund chipping program, foothill water storage, and GPS for mapping of water sources; Painting of Station #62 will commence, weather permitting, and eaves will be boxed in to eliminate bird problems; Escaped burn at Woodruff Lane; CDF lookout towers are undergoing structural inspections.



B) Update Purchase of New Engine #63:  Engine is in Modesto undergoing minor repairs and modifications.



C) Update High Speed Internet Connection:  CDF has approved installation and District will be allowed to use.  Time line unknown.



Item 6) Engine 63:



A)    Discuss Amending Original Purchase Category From Replacement to Fleet Addition:  Chief Kavanagh recommended Engine 61 be moved from active status to reserve with the ultimate goal of stationing Engine 61 in a new Browns Valley station thus allowing Engine 63 to be classified as an addition to the fleet.  Directors asked questions and discussed.


B)    Authorize Change of Purchase Category to Fleet Addition and Thus Allow Expensing of Purchase to Mitigation Fund 601: 


Motion to Approve: Poggi      Second: Sherburn      Approved: Unanimous Voice Vote


C)    Authorize Transfer of $186,927.09 From Account 601 Mitigation to Account 602 General Fund:


Motion to Approve: Gardner      Second: Poggi          Approved: Unanimous Roll Call Vote


D)    Authorize Treasurer to Contact Yuba County Auditor to Determine Preferred Method of Transfer, Either Direct Transfer From Account 601 to Account 602 or Actual Issuance of Warrant, and Execute Same:


Motion to Approve: Poggi      Second: Gardner      Approved: Unanimous Voice Vote



  Item 7) Equipment Purchase for Engine 63:


A)    Discuss Needed Equipment and Estimated Cost:  Chief Kavanagh referenced the list of equipment from the January meeting.  In addition to the previously discussed items, a hose bed divider and auxiliary pump have been added to the equipment list bringing the estimated cost to approximately $53,000


B)    If Necessary, Discuss Breakdown of Replacement Equipment and Non-Replacement Equipment and Determine Costs for Each Category:  Because previous Board action categorized Engine # 63 purchase as Fleet Addition (Agenda Item 6 –B), all equipment purchased to outfit engine is classified as new or non-replacement, thus no action was taken on this item


C)  Authorize Expenditure from Fund 601 Mitigation For Purchase of New Equipment and General Fund 602 (Expense Account # 6520 Equipment Purchases) for Replacement Equipment:


Motion to expense entire equipment purchase for Engine # 63, $53,000, to Fund 601: Gardner

Second: Poggi   

Approved: Unanimous Roll Call Vote


Item 8)  Public Hearing:


A) Hold Public Hearing, Waive Second Reading and Adopt Ordinance 2007-01 Instituting Policy and Fee Schedule for False and Nuisance Fire Alarms (Second Reading):


Motion to Waive Second Reading and Open Public Hearing:  Poggi

Second:          Sherburn

Approved:          Unanimous Voice Vote



Public Hearing Opened:            No public comment

Motion to Close Public Hearing:  Poggi

Second:          Sherburn

Approved:          Unanimous Voice Vote


Motion to Adopt Ordinance 2007-01:  Poggi

Second:          Sherburn       

Approved:          Unanimous Voice Vote



Item 9) Five-Year Plan:


A) Form Advisory Committee to Begin Annual Review:  Director Poggi volunteered for committee and indicated that Director Ford was also interested.


Motion to Form Committee Composed of Directors Poggi and Ford:  Poggi               

Second:  Gardner

Approved: Unanimous Voice Vote



C)    Set Date For First Meeting:


Motion to Set Date for February 23, 2007, 10:30 a.m. at the Bi-Agency Station:  Poggi

Second: Gardner

Approved: Unanimous Voice Vote





Item 10) Station 63 (Future Construction):



A)    Determine Board Policy Regarding Future Construction of New Browns Valley Station #63:

After discussion, Directors determined that a new station in the north eastern area of the District would be of great benefit and that such a construction project should strive to include an expandable (to accommodate possible future growth) equipment facility including training room as well as on site burn tower, burn room, and possible driver training area.  It was further determined that a five to ten acre parcel of land appropriately located would offer optimum utility.  It was agreed that the next step should be selection of a real estate agent to begin the acquisition process.


B)    Select Project Representative:  Director Cerf volunteered to represent the District in the preliminary stages of the project.


Motion to Select Susan L. Cerf as District Representative:  Poggi

Second:        Gardner

Approved:    Unanimous Voice Vote


C)    Authorize Mailing to Seek Local Realtor for Possible Land Purchase:  Director Cerf introduced a draft letter proposed for forwarding to seven (7) local real estate agencies.


Motion to Approve:  Gardner      Second:  Sherburn      Approved: Unanimous Voice Vote



Item 11) Volunteer Firefighter’s Length of Service Award System:



A)  Discuss: Director Poggi reviewed the information from the January meeting and supplied current annual funding cost of $ 340.34 per volunteer.  Poggi also supplied costs for two possible scenarios:  Begin program with current fiscal year (2006 / 2007) at a cost of $ 1,361.36 or include years of prior service (amounting to additional premiums to cover one volunteer with 6 years service and one volunteer with 4 years service) at a cost of $ 2,957.39


B)    Determine Whether to Begin Coverage with Fiscal Year 2006 / 2007 for all Volunteers or Include Retroactive Coverage for Long Term Volunteers: 


Motion to Join Volunteer Firefighter’s Length of Service Award System and Include Retroactive Credit:  Gardner

Second:    Poggi

Approved:    Unanimous Roll Call Vote


C)    Authorize Vice Chair to Initiate Contract Proceedings:


Motion to Approve:  Gardner

Second:  Sherburn         

Vote to Approve:  Unanimous Voice Vote



Item 12) Correspondence:


      Letter from FDAC-FASIS regarding web based training courses



Item 13) Board and Staff Member’s Report:


A)    Chairman Cerf: Distributed clarifications from Board attorney concerning committees, meetings, ordinances, and real estate negotiations


B)    Director Poggi: Announced that first phase of District LAFCO review was complete and forwarded.


C)    Chief Kavanagh requested March agenda item to determine disposition of outdated radios





Adjourned 8:58 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted:


Silvio Poggi – Vice Chairman / Secretary