Loma Rica /

   Browns Valley

        Fire Department















Loma Rica / Browns Valley Community Services District

Regular Meeting:  May 21, 2007






Item 1)   Meeting Call To Order:


A) Roll Call:          Present – Cerf, Ford, Kattuah, Poggi              Absent - Gardner

B) Pledge of Allegiance



  Item 2) Public Communications:



Item 3)  Approve Minutes:


A) Minutes For Regular Meeting of April 19, 2007


Motion To Approve: Ford             Second: Kattuah          Vote: Unanimous Voice Vote


Item 4) Closed Session:


Awaiting the arrival of Real Estate Agent Hoxworth; Chairperson Cerf temporarily postponed this item



Item 5) Financials:


A) Warrants:    Warrant Detail Sheet provided by Director Gardner via e-mail; Minimal discussion required at this time; copy of warrants attached to minutes


B) Accounts:     No financial statements were received. 


C) Update Audit for 2005 / 2006:  No update was received.



Item 6) Chief’s Report:


Chief Kavanagh reported:


A) Operations:  Fire Season began May 14th; Due to lack of moisture, fuels drying faster resulting in multiple early season fires; Engine 63 radio to be installed soon; Two Captains assigned to the Loma Rica station are Wendye Stuller and Steve Robinson; New personnel have been driving local roads to familiarize themselves with District; CDF has installed high speed internet connection at the Loma Rica station




Item 14) MOVED UP AGENDA AS PER BOARD REQUEST – District General Manager:


A)    Consider Applications: None received

B)    Determine Board Action: Director Poggi offered to resign his Board position and accept the General Manager position.  There was a brief discussion and the Board selected Poggi as General Manager effective May 22, 2007


    Item 12) MOVED UP AGENDA AS PER BOARD REQUEST – Fiscal Year 2007 / 2008 Operations Budget  -  First Draft


A)    Discuss: Brief discussion ensued

B)    Amend as Necessary: CPA Brooks requested creation of a new budget category for the Longevity Award Program


C)    Motion to Amend Budget as requested and Authorize Public Notice:       Poggi

                Second: Ford              Approved: Unanimous Voice Vote



Item 7) Resolution 2007-01: Authorizing Application for Federal Excess Property in Accordance With Title IV, Rural Development Act 1972 (PL 92-419)


A)    Discuss:  Chairperson Cerf noted erroneous Resolution number as listed on agenda.  Corrected to              Resolution 2007-02; Chief Kavanagh explained that the resolution was necessary to continue using federal excess property (stand by generator and air trailer)


B)    Motion to Authorize Chair to Execute As Amended:    Ford

Second: Kattuah          Approved: Unanimous Voice Vote


Item 8) Purchase of Desk for Chief’s Office:


A)    Discuss:  Chief Kavanagh explained that the desk in his office is on loan from Mr. Jim Stuller, the previous Battalion Chief.  Mr. Stuller has expressed an interest in selling the desk to the District for $1,000 to $1,500.


B)    Authorize Purchase:  No motion was offered



Item 9) District Liability Insurance:


A)    Discuss:  Chief Kavanagh discussed a change in the Amador contract that now requires the District to carry five million dollars in liability coverage.  The current policy liability coverage is one million dollars


B)    Motion to Approve Increasing Per Occurrence Liability Coverage to Five Million Dollars:  Poggi


Second:  Kattuah                Approved: Unanimous Voice Vote




Item 10) Request From Rodrigo and Maria Treto for Partial refund of Fire Mitigation Fee in the Amount of $ 1,183.88 Due to Inadvertent Overcharge (Building Permit # B07-0302; APN 040-290-005)



A)    Discuss:  Director Poggi referenced the “Claim for Refund of Fire Fees” form received from the Yuba County Building Department and signed by Martin Griffin, Chief Building Official.  The Tretos were originally charged a Fire Mitigation Fee of $ 4,671.60 for the construction of a single family dwelling on APN 040-290-005.  The new structure was a replacement for the previous single family dwelling that had been damaged and subsequently demolished.  The Tretos should have been given a square footage allowance for the original demolished structure (Yuba County Ordinance Code, Chapter 10.35.170 – Disaster Replacement) thus the requested $ 1,183.88 refund.  


B)    Motion to Authorize Refund:                Ford


Second:     Kattuah          Approved: Unanimous Roll Call Vote



Item 11) Appropriations Limit for Fiscal Year 2007 / 2008:


A)    Discuss:  Director Poggi displayed the population and cost of living numbers provided by the California State Department of Finance (Per Capita Personal Income Change – Increase 4.42% and Percent Change in Population for Unincorporated Yuba County – Increase 4.94%) and the calculations used to compute the annual appropriations limit.


B)  Motion to Approve Appropriations Limit for Fiscal Year 2007 / 2008 at $ 277,397.05:  Poggi


Second:    Ford          Approved: Unanimous Voice Vote



Item 13) Volunteer Retention and Recruitment:


A)    Discuss:  Director Ford reported that he continues to collect information and ideas and hopes to have a completed draft report in the next month or two.  He requested that this item be continued on the June agenda.




Pursuant to Section 54956.8 of the California Government Code, Prepare Contract and Offer to Purchase Real Property (APN 44-240-204 Corrected APN from Original Agenda); in Attendance – Full Board, Fire Chief, District Real Estate Agent Deborah Hoxworth


Chairperson Cerf adjourned the regular meeting to closed session.


Discussion ensued


Chairperson Cerf called the regular meeting back into session and announced a special meeting closed session for May 29, 2007 at 1 p.m.to further discuss the possible purchase.




Item 15) Correspondence


          Notification of possible award in Microsoft – California Government Entities Settlement



Item 16) Board and Staff Members’ Reports


Director Ford reported that he has almost completed work on a draft newsletter and requested any article submissions be sent to him prior to June 4th.






Adjourned 9:04 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted:


Silvio Poggi – Vice Chairman