Loma Rica /

   Browns Valley

        Fire Department















Loma Rica / Browns Valley Community Services District

Regular Meeting:  October 15, 2007






Item 1)  Meeting Call To Order:


A) Roll Call:  Present –Ford, Gardner, Kattuah

B) Pledge of Allegiance



  Item 2) Public Communications:



Item 3) Approve Minutes:


A) Minutes For Regular Meeting of September 17, 2007


Motion To Approve: Gardner             Second: Ford      Vote: Ford, Gardner, Kattuah- aye


B) Minutes for Special Meeting of September 27, 2007


Motion To Approve: Gardner             Second: Ford      Vote: Ford, Gardner, Kattuah- aye


Item 4) District Director Position:


The District did not meet the deadlines for the appointment of David Stipp.  The open position will be placed on the February 5th ballot.  David Stipp has filed the necessary papers.  Board was informed that there would be no cost if David Stipp were the only nominee.


Item 5) Accounting:


A) Warrants:  Warrant Detail Sheet provided by General Manager Poggi via e-mail; Director Gardner inquired about worker’s comp payment.  Board was informed it was a quarterly payment; Director Gardner also inquired about payment to Atwood Agency.  The payment was the annual payment for general liability, which is prepaid and the parceled out each month in the financials; payment to Kwest Engineering was for payment in full for the Phase 1 EIR; no other discussion required at this time; copy of warrants attached to minutes


B) Financials: CPA Brooks informed Board that the financials are up to date as September 2007; there has been no income from the county; the income from mitigation is normal; Chief Hernandez is to fax check register to her.


C) The items for the audit has been completed by the District and is ready to be picked up by the auditors.  General Manager Poggi called Jensen/Smith to inform them that the physical walk through of the fire station has not been completed.  He informed the auditors that the walk through could be completed when they come to pick up the box for the audit.  Jensen/Smith responded that they would be up in 6-8 weeks.


Item 6) Chief’s Report:  No report at this meeting.


Item 7) Purchase Real Property APN 44-240-082


A)      The irrigation line on the property has been completed.  All of the receipts have been turned into the title company.  The District’s share will be included in the closing costs.


The Phase 1 EIR has been completed and been received by the District.  The said property has been found free of contaminants.  The District will file a copy with the county to protect the District from future lawsuits.


B)      The County has scheduled a public hearing on the CUP application for October 24, 2007.    Once the CUP is approved, work needs to start with in 18 months.


C)      The Department of Fish and Game requires a fee of $1800 to issue a Notice of Determination.

Motion to approve payment to the Dept of Fish and Game: Ford          Second: Gardner

Vote: Gardner, Ford, Kattuah- Aye


  Item 8) County General Plan Update


A)    General Manager recommended that the Board should participate in the general plan.

 Some suggestions were to include items that were of interest to the District such as ingress/egresses, building standards/codes and items from the Fire Council meeting being held November 7th.


Item 9) Northern California Fire Districts Association (Insurance)


A)    Discuss the need to eliminate the position of “Treasurer” within the Fidelity Bond of the Districts annual insurance policy to reflect current District operations.


B)      Motion to update wording of Fidelity Bond: Gardner  Second: Ford


Item 10) Correspondence

 General Manager Poggi met with consultants hired by Yuba County for LAFCo review.  Among the items discussed was the District’s 5-year plan.  General Manager Poggi was informed that District’s 5-year plan was very detailed.


Item 11) Board and Staff Members’ Reports

  Director Gardner informed Board that there was nothing unusual at the BVID general meeting.  At the JPA meeting on September 26, 2007 there was also nothing unusual.  Director Gardner let the Board know that the repeater sites are up and running.  The Walsh Mt. Repeater is not running due to possible vandalism- the batteries were stolen.


 Motion to Adjourn Meeting: Gardner    Second: Ford


Adjourned 8:20 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted:


Cathy Kattuah- District Vice-Chairperson