Loma Rica /

   Browns Valley

        Fire Department















Loma Rica / Browns Valley Community Services District

Regular Meeting:  JANUARY 21, 2008





Item 1)  Meeting Call To Order:


A) Roll Call:  Present –Cerf, Ford, Gardner, Kattuah, Stipp

B) Pledge of Allegiance


  Item 2) Public Communications:



Item 3) Approve Minutes:


A) Minutes For Regular Meeting of December 17, 2007


Motion To Approve: Ford    Second: Kattuah    Vote: Cerf, Ford, Gardner, Kattuah, Stipp- aye


Item 4) Accounting:


A) Warrants:  Warrant Detail Sheet provided by General Manager Poggi via e-mail; no other discussion required at this time; copy of warrants attached to minutes


B) Financials: No discussion at this time.


Item 5) Chief’s Report:  Chief Hernandez informed Board that there were 27 incidents in 21 days; distributed report with days and types of incidents.  Engine 62 has not had a comprehensive safety inspection in 3 years.  The district now has eight volunteers.  The training class for the volunteers will begin February 26, 2008.  Chief Hernandez informed Board that water tender 62 needs newer breathing apparatus’.  Current breathing devices are still working, but the department can not get them certified because they are out dated.  At Fire Safe meeting the job description by the county was discussed.  The job description will either be Fire Planner 1 or Fire Planner 2.  The Fire Safe Council wrote a letter to Yuba County in regards to what the duties of the Fire Planner should be.  Fire Safe Council does not want to get caught up in the description of the job, but wants Yuba County to know what the expectations of the job are according to the Fire Safe Council. The current Fire Planner is committed to Yuba County until June 30, 2008.


Item 6) Joint Powers Authority Report

Director Gardner attended the Joint Powers Authority meeting on 12/19/2007.  There were three people in attendance.  The JPA applied for an additional FCC license to include Smartville.  It was reported there has been vandalism at Sunset Peak with some graffiti and the batteries were stolen.  It was suggested at the meeting to put a fence with barbed wire around the communication equipment, but JPA was informed that there is no more money available to put a fence in place.  A new communications system was put in place at Brownsville, which was paid for by JPA.  Next meeting will be March 26, 2008.





Item 7) Budget

A) Increase Budget Income Item # 4400 (Equipment Rental) to $ 20,000, an Increase of $ 14,000

  B) Increase Budget Expense Item #6300 (Equipment Maintenance) to $ 10,000, an Increase of $ 3,000

C) Increase Budget Expense Item #6200 (Office Expense) to $ 4,000, an increase of $ 1,500

D) Increase Budget Expense Item #6525 (Equipment Reserve) to $90,000, an Increase of $ 9,500


Motion to approve budget increases items A-D as listed: Gardner   Second: Ford

Vote: Cerf, Ford, Gardner, Kattuah, Stipp- aye


  Item 8) Discuss Station 63 construction and initiate preliminary procedures


The attorney informed General Manager Poggi that he is still researching the legality of borrowing from the Operation funds to start Station 63 build.  If the attorney cannot find anything that disallows, he will write an opinion for the District to present to the auditors.  The Board determined, while waiting for an answer from the attorney, to move forward on the construction of the station.  The Board will start with bids for the design process.  General Manger Poggi will investigate necessary legal and project requirements.


Item 9) County General Plan Update

The LR / BV CSD directors discussed needed updates to the General Plan specifically dealing with the District’s ability to deliver fire and rescue services.  The Board directed General Manager Poggi, to submit its findings to the Planning Department and the Board of Supervisors.

Director Stipp, who was part of a Citizens Committee, not affiliated with this Board, informed the Directors that he will be presenting to the Board of Supervisor’s on February 12, 2008, the General Plan report developed by his Citizens Committee.


Item 10) Volunteer Recruitment Program

A)    Chief Hernandez will meet with PIP printing to provide volunteer requirements for the mailer.


B)    Authorize a maximum of $1700 for Volunteer Recruitment Mailer.


Motion to approve $1700 for mailer: Kattuah      Second: Ford

Vote: Cerf, Ford, Gardner, Kattuah, Stipp- aye.


Item 11) Overview of 2007 and 2008

The Board found everything to be correct.


Item 12) Correspondence

The Board received a thank you letter from real estate agent for the land purchase.


Item 13) Board and Staff Members Report

Director Gardner informed Board of next BVID meeting January 24, 2008.  The BVID Spring Valley committee, formed by BVID to address the project’s water concerns, will discuss the latest proposed agreement(s).

      General Manager Poggi informed Board that we might need to purchase a new dot matrix printer.  General Manager Poggi also discussed the issue of LAFCO.  It is recommended that special districts should have 2 representatives on LAFCO.  58 counties have a LAFCO commission.  Of the 58 counties, 29 have a representative and 29 do not.  Currently Yuba County does not have representative on LAFCO. 


Adjourned 9:42 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted:

Cathy Kattuah- District Vice-Chairperson