Loma Rica /

   Browns Valley

        Fire Department















Loma Rica / Browns Valley Community Services District

Regular Meeting:  February 18, 2008





Item 1)  Meeting Call To Order:


A) Roll Call:    Present –Cerf, Gardner, Kattuah, Stipp 

Absent: Ford

B) Pledge of Allegiance


  Item 2) Public Communications:

Supervisor Stocker gave us an overview of the passage of No on Measure N, regarding the Yuba Highland development and Yuba County General Plan.

Michael Mull thanked Board for their concern in regards to recent health issues.

Capt. Wendye Stuller introduced Tony Lawson who is new Cal Fire engineer


Item 3) Approve Minutes:


A) Minutes For Regular Meeting of January 21, 2008


Motion To Approve: Kattuah               Second: Gardner    Vote: Cerf, Gardner, Kattuah, Stipp- aye


Item 4) Accounting:


A) Warrants:  Warrant Detail Sheet provided by General Manager Poggi via e-mail; Director Gardner inquired about Hust Brothers warrant.  Chief Hernandez explained that it was for two couplings for the Foam Pro Hose.  The existing couplings were corroded. There was no other discussion required at this time; copy of warrants attached to minutes


B) Financials: No discussion at this time about financials; accountant Deborah Brooks was absent.  General Manager Poggi updated Board on audit status.  The auditors informed General Manager Poggi that they are behind, but will have the audit done by end of this fiscal year.  General Manager Poggi requested that if any Board member was going in the direction of Lincoln that audit box be dropped off at Jensen Smith.  Due to new Audit laws, the industry is raising its rates. Jensen/Smith informed General Manger Poggi they will keep our contract price the same for this year but will be tracking the extra hours needed to implement these changes. If the price does need to take a substantial jump, LRBV District will be allowed to get out of contract if the Board so chooses.


Item 5) Chief’s Report:  Chief Hernandez informed Board of state budget news.  There has been a statewide reduction of 10% of government resources.  Cal Fire will not have any budget cuts until July 1, 2008.  Chief Hernandez informed board that there would be 21 stations, 10 camps, and 1 helicopter that will be cut from 2008-2009 state budgets.  In our area, first station on the list to be closed is Auburn.  If Auburn is not closed, second choice is Colfax and third choice is Loma Rica. It was recommended by Chief Hernandez for General Manger Poggi to contact Gary Bittener at the Auburn station to find out exactly what is going to happen.




Item 6) 2007/2008 Cooperative Cal Fire Protection Agreement (Amador Contract)

A)    Chief Hernandez reported that the District is currently right at budget with the contract.  Director Stipp questioned line item Planned Overtime.  Chief Hernandez explained that planned overtime is based on a 56-hour workweek with 19 hours of planned overtime for a total of 72 hours.

B)    Motion to adopt 2007/2008 Cooperative Cal Fire Protection Agreement (Amador Contract):

Gardner  Second: Kattuah


Vote: Cerf, Gardner, Kattuah, Stipp- aye


Item 7) Discuss Station 63 construction

General Manager Poggi received a pamphlet from a North Carolina architectural firm with a check off list for constructing a fire station.  It was recommended that the original plot plan be used along with a general layout be used for design of building.  For example: how large engine bays should be; office space, utility room, showers and eye wash station. General information along with plot plan will be given to architect and they will then design the building with more specifics. 

General Manager Poggi informed Board that, due to the unpredictable nature of fire mitigation fee collections, legal counsel has recommended against borrowing from Operations for the construction of Station 63. The district has 18 months to put forth a good faith effort towards construction so as not to lose the CUP permit.


  Item 8) Five-Year Plan


A)    The Board reviewed the five-year plan.  It was decided that the construction of Station #3 be moved out to


2010/2011 and increased to $500,000.  The standby generator will be moved to 2011 and will be for station #3,


instead of station #2. 


B)    Discuss Capitol Facilities Analysis: item will be discussed in further detail at March board meeting.


Item 9) Volunteer Recruitment Program

No discussion at this time.


Item 10) LAFCO

LAFCO study for Yuba County will be out in March.  The Board determined to not take any action at this time in regards to a representative on LAFCO. Director Stipp will check with Walter Cotter regarding their involvement in procuring LAFCO seats to represent Special Districts in Yuba County.


Item 11) Correspondence

No correspondence at this time.


Item 12) Board and Staff Members Report

Director Stipp, who was part of a Citizens Committee, not affiliated with this Board, reported on the General Plan meeting with Yuba County Board of Supervisors on February 12, 2008.  Director Stipp reported that the overall response of the foothill community was to slow down growth in the foothills and to keep developments to a five-acre minimum.

Director Stipp also attended the BVID district meeting and reports that the developer of the Spring Valley project will be conducting a study of the probability of retrieving water from the Yuba River along with BVID.


Adjourned 9:25 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted:

Cathy Kattuah- District Vice-Chairperson