Loma Rica /

   Browns Valley

        Fire Department















Loma Rica / Browns Valley Community Services District

Regular Meeting:  May 19, 2008






Item 1)  Meeting Call To Order:


A) Roll Call:    Present –Cerf, Ford, Gardner, Kattuah, Stipp 


B) Pledge of Allegiance


   Item 2) Public Communications:

Supervisor Stocker talked about the various candidates that are running for local and state positions in Yuba County.  He also talked to the Board about his concerns with BVID during the emergency drought year with regards to the growing population in the Yuba Foothills. 


Item 3) Approve Minutes:


A)    Minutes For Regular Meeting of April 21, 2008


Motion To Approve: Gardner     Second: Stipp    Vote: Cerf, Ford, Gardner, Kattuah, Stipp- aye


Item 4) Accounting:


A) Warrants:   No discussion.


B) Financials: No discussion.


Item 5) Chief’s Report:  Director Gardner asked Chief Hernandez to explain why the petty cash was so high.  Chief Hernandez explained that the warrant for the petty cash was actually two months worth of reimbursements; the fuel cost for the department will be accrued and paid directly to the fuel company from Accounts Payable.  Accountant Brooks requested truck rental and volunteer payments be submitted to her by June 30, 2008; Governor Schwarzenegger has decided to staff more stations instead of closing stations as previously mention at prior meetings.  There will be a 10% reduction in Cal Fire management positions; the property on Marysville Road will be mowed on 5/20/2008; Chief Hernandez felt that the LAFCO report commented more on efficiency of the department than about protection and coverage; the station maybe needing a new fax machine.  There will be an agenda item on the June meeting for a new fax machine.


Item 6) Resolution 2008-02 requesting Yuba County Supervisor authorization to consolidate district election with general election scheduled for November 4, 2008.


Motion to accept and adopt Resolution 2008-02: Gardner, Second: Ford  

Passed: Unanimous Voice Vote




Item 7) Station 62 propane tank purchase  

A)    Annual bill for propane tank rental is approximately $100.  The cost to purchase the tank is $600.

Motion to purchase propane tank for station 62 using account #6113: Stipp, Second: Gardner

Vote: Cerf, Ford, Gardner, Kattuah, Stipp- aye


   Item 8) Authorize purchase of Life Pak 1000 (defibrillator unit) for engine 63


A)    Capt. Robinson ordered a new defibrillator 1 year ago.  At that time the unit was on backorder and has no since been discontinued.  The new defibrillator is more expensive, but will be sold to the District at the same price as the originally ordered defibrillator.


Motion to purchase Life Pak 1000 for $1,495 plus tax and shipping: Ford     Second: Gardner

Vote: Cerf, Ford, Gardner, Kattuah, Stipp- aye


Item 9) Capitol Facilities Analysis

A)    General Manager Poggi advised placing brief RFP in selected newspapers directing potential consultants to the District website where they can obtain the complete RFP or contact the District directly for a copy of the RFP; it was decided that all District board members will review proposals received.

Motion to place RFP in Appeal-Democrat and Sacramento Bee: Gardner, Second: Stipp

Vote: Cerf, Ford, Gardner, Kattuah, Stipp- aye


Motion to accept Capitol Facilities Analysis update proposal using points as a selection criteria and Board to select successful bidder at special meeting: Gardner, Second: Stipp

Vote: Cerf, Ford, Kattuah- aye    Gardner, Stipp- no


GM Poggi stated that both the RFP and public notice would be sent to the attorney for review prior to publication.


Item 10) Current Budget (FY 2007 / 2008)

A)    Increase Equipment Rental Income, Account # 4400 in the Amount of  $11,000  ($ 20,000 to $ 31,000)

B)     Amend Budget to Include “Professional Fees – Consultants”, Account  # 6070 and Fund in the Amount of  $ 10,000

C)     Increase Budget Item # 6525 (Equipment Reserve) $ 1,000 ($ 90,000 to $ 91,000)


Motion to approve current budget amendments as listed: Stipp Second: Gardner

Vote: Cerf, Ford, Gardner, Kattuah, Stipp- aye


Item 11) Fiscal Year 2008/2009 Operations Budget- first draft


A)    The board reviewed Fiscal Year 2008/2009 Operations Budget.


Motion to approve Draft Fiscal Year 2008/2009 Operations Budget: Ford, Second: Gardner


Motion to authorize public notice of Adoption of Fiscal Year 2008/2009 Operations Budget: Gardner, Second: Kattuah


Vote: Cerf, Ford, Gardner, Kattuah, Stipp- aye



Item 12) Newsletter


A) Board determined that the newsletter looked fine with the change of the misspelled name of Board member Cathy Kattuah


Motion to approve newsletter publication with a maximum spending amount of $1500: Gardner

Second: Ford

Vote: Cerf, Ford, Gardner, Kattuah, Stipp- aye


Item 13) Correspondence


General Manger Poggi has maps to go along with the 5-year plan; he has received a disc for the LAFCO report.  LAFCO is not recommending any consolidation impacting this District; the District’s law office will be hosting a night at the Gold Sox Stadium on Sat 6/21/2008.


Item 14) Board and Staff members report


It was requested that an agenda item be placed for new fire shelters at the June meeting.

Captain Stuller presented the Board with the Volunteer T-Shirts



Adjourned 9:11 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted:


Cathy Kattuah- District Vice-Chairperson