Loma Rica /

   Browns Valley

        Fire Department















Loma Rica / Browns Valley Community Services District

Regular Meeting:  September 15, 2008





Item 1)   Meeting Call To Order:


A) Roll Call:    Present –Cerf, Ford, Gardner, Kattuah, Stipp


B) Pledge of Allegiance


  Item 2) Public Communications:

None at this time.


Item 3) Approve Minutes:


A)    Minutes For Regular Meeting of August 18, 2008

B)    Minutes For Special Meeting of September 8, 2008


Motion To Approve: Gardner    Second: Stipp  Vote: Cerf, Ford, Gardner, Kattuah, Stipp- aye


Item 4) Accounting:


A) Warrants:    Director Kattuah inquired what the Volunteer Longevity program warrant was for.  General Manager Poggi explained it was for a small retirement for volunteers who put in 10 years or more.  The program was originally under CalPers program, but now is administered by Nationwide.


B)    Financials: Accountant Brooks brought financials to show actual vs. budget for FY 07/08.  Volunteer reimbursements were over because they were accrued in June.  The newsletter was originally coded to account 6200 (Office expense) when it should have been coded to account 6400 (Public Relations); Accountant Brooks made the correction.  Chief Hernandez explained the additional billing for the Amador contract on June’s warrants was for Fire Fighter 1 salary and benefits that was overlooked by the Amador Administrator and caught when they had their audit done. Board was informed that there would be no more Amador bills to come in.


Item 5) Chief’s Report:  Chief Hernandez reported that the end of fire season is defined as the area receiving 2 inches of rain, which means district is still in fire season.  In regards to the High Sierra Grant, Chief reported that this district has re-defined a water source for the grant.  Chief requested water system status for the area be placed on October agenda.


Item 6) Yuba County Fire Planner


Yuba County Fire Planner, Dave Francis was invited to the meeting to discuss his position and goals for Yuba County. He discussed that his primary goal is going to be focusing on the new homes and businesses in Yuba County to make sure that they meet the necessary fire requirements.  General Manager Poggi asked Dave Francis if there was anything that we as a District could do to help support the Fire Planner’s position.  Dave responded that he was not sure at this point as he has only been in position for six weeks.


Item 7) Capitol Facilities Analysis

A)    Each board member presented the proposal from the company that they researched.  The board then discussed the differences in the four proposals received.

B)    Motion to select Capitol Public Finance at a cost of $7500 to complete the new capitol facilities analysis: Stipp  Second: Gardner  Vote: Cerf, Ford, Gardner, Kattuah, Stipp- aye


  Item 8) Yuba County Local Agency Formation Commission (LaFCo)


A)    There will be 2 seats open with 1 alternate on the special district seating for Yuba county LaFCo. A member from this board can be nominated for one of the available positions if anyone on LRBV board is interested. Once nominations have been made a ballot will be mailed out for voting to the special districts of Yuba County.   


B)    Motion to adopt Resolution 2008-05 Requesting Special District Membership on LaFCo of Yuba County: Stipp  Second: Gardner  Passed: unanimous voice vote


Item 9) High Sierra Resource Conservation & Development Council Cooperative Agreement

Steve Robinson has emailed the point file and spreadsheet to Yuba County.  Steve and 3 of the volunteers have identified 57 new water sources and deleted 20 to 30 from the map provided by them.  The crew has also entered all of the sheets that they have recorded the required information on into the districts computer so that there will not be a need for a binder full of paper.  The plan is that when the project is completed, the information will be burned onto a disc for future reference.


Item 10) County of Yuba Planning Department

A)    The board discussed the need for the District to respond to Yuba County’s requests from comments/recommendation on proposed projects within the District.  The board decided that it is in the Districts best interest to be involved with comments and recommendations concerning all future proposed projects in the LRBV District

B)    It was determined that the District policy will be for the general manager and fire chief respond to all future proposed projects.


Item 11) District General Manager


A)    Board considered classification and the establishment of General Manager as paid position for the district.  General Manager Poggi spoke with attorney and was told that the position does not have to be posted publicly and that we can hire from in house.  An employment contract will be needed and the person hired would be considered an employee of the district.  In order for Account Brooks to process payroll for general manager her fee would be $50 a month more.  It was recommended that the district open a separate payroll account.

B)    Set pay and benefits- it was requested from board members to continue discussion at October meeting.

C)    Motion to adopt Resolution 2008-06 Establishing District General Manager Position as Paid District Employee:  Ford  Second: Stipp  Passed: unanimous voice vote


Item 12) Correspondence- received a letter from Districts auditors, Jensen/Smith, that they underwent an audit and passed.


Item 13) Board and Staff members report

Chairperson Cerf reported that she attended the last Fire Safe Council meeting on 9/10/08.


Adjourned 9:40 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted:


Cathy Kattuah- District Vice-Chairperson