Loma Rica /

   Browns Valley

        Fire Department















Loma Rica / Browns Valley Community Services District

Regular Meeting:  April 19, 2010





Item 1)  Meeting Call To Order:


A) Roll Call:    Present –Battaglia, Biggs, Kattuah, Stipp 

 Absent: Barajas

B) Pledge of Allegiance


  Item 2) Public Communications: None


Item 3) Approve Minutes:


A)    Minutes For Regular Meeting of March 15, 2010

Motion to Approve: Kattuah  Second: Battaglia


B)    Minutes For Special Meeting of April 5, 2010

Motion to Approve: Kattuah  Second: Biggs


Passed unanimous voice vote         


Item 4) Accounting:


A) Warrants:  The payment to Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, Inc. is for the alarm system at Station 62 for six months.  No other discussion.


B) Financials: It was discussed that the amount in account 6400- Public Relations was for the newsletter.  General Manager Cerf informed board the 2010-2011 budget will be drafted in June, instead of May, and then will be finalized in July due to the need to use the May meeting to focus on the RFQs for Station 63.


Item 5) 2008-2009 Audit

A)    Discuss audit-Accountant Brooks will need to do some research for adjusting journal entries audit item #2.  She is uncertain why they would suggest this entry.


B)    Motion to approve audit will be held over to May meeting.


C)    Initiate Board action- none at this time.


Item 6) Chief’s report- Calls to date that Cal Fire has responded to are 2 vegetation fires, 4 structure fires 100 medical assist, 2 hazmat, 3 public assist and 13 other.  Chief Williges and Capt Steve Robinson will be meeting with Mike from GRA to discuss some minor changes to Station 63.  Capt. Robinson informed board that all equipment has been serviced except for Engine 63 and attack vehicle which still need maintenance.  The District will only have 9 volunteers by this June.


Item 7) Volunteer Firefighter’s Report- D. Lopez

None at this time.


Item 8) General Manager Report- Sue Cerf

The board will need to take a look at and update the following items beginning in June 2010: a new 5 year plan, review 2009-2010 budget and create a new budget for 2010-2011.


Item 9) Kibbee Station Mailing

A)    Status of MOU- the MOU was signed by Marysville and Cordua.  Chief Williges will be taking it to District 10 next to be approved and signed.


B)    Discuss Newsletter or postcard mailing- Board decided mail out postcards to residents that will benefit from Kibbee Station.  Once an engine is stationed at the Kibbee Road Station, postcards will then be mailed out.


C)    Motion to set $350 to be used to mail out postcards:  Battaglia  Second: Biggs

Vote: Battaglia, Biggs, Kattuah, Stipp-aye 


Item 10) Discuss Station 63

A)    Kick off schedule- no discussion


B)    RFQ Status- Director Biggs noted the address stated Loma Rica when the address is Browns Valley.  General Manager Cerf will make the change.  General Manager Cerf has already received a few phone calls in regards to RFQ.


C)    Building Design- The only change will be that at the side of the engines bays, there will not be an enclosed area with chain link fence.


D)    PGE application-Tony Baker with Cap City will be handling the application.


E)    Continue discussion regarding the building of Station 63-none


F)    Initiate board action as deemed necessary-none


Item 11) Resolution 2010-02: Authorize the District General Manager to represent and act as project manager for the district regarding the construction of Fire Station #63

A)    Discuss-Board discussed resolution 2010-02 with changes that resolution shall state the General Manager shall receive additional monthly compensation at commencement of Station 63 and shall continue until District Board acceptance of Station 63.


B)    Motion to Approve: Kattuah  Second: Battaglia


Vote: Battaglia, Biggs, Kattuah, Stipp


Item 11) Correspondence-None


Item 12) Board and Staff Members Report- None



Adjourned 8:22 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted:


Cathy Kattuah- District Vice-Chairperson