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Loma Rica / Browns Valley Community Services District
Regular Meeting:  December 5, 2011


Item 1)  Meeting Call To Order:
A) Roll Call:   Present:  Biggs, Birney, Gravelle, Kattuah;  Absent:  Battaglia
Item 2) Public Communications:
A)   Chairperson Kattuah announced that General Manager Sue Cerf had accepted a new job position out of state as of November 30th and resigned her position effective as of that date
   Item 3) Approve Minutes:
A)   Minutes For Regular Meeting of October 17, 2011
Motion to Approve:  Birney                     Second:   Gravelle
      Passed unanimous voice vote  
B)    Minutes for Special Meeting of November 7, 2011
Motion to Approve:  Birney                     Second:   Gravelle
      Passed unanimous voice vote      
   Item 4) Accounting:
A)  Accountant Brooks not available for meeting; tabled for discussion at January 2012 meeting
Item 5) Chief’s Report
A)   Chief Williges informed the Board that the Fire Safe Council has readdressed the issue of water storage tanks throughout the foothills—there are still tanks to be built at four locations
B)    Chief Williges informed the Board that BVID has placed the discussion of using their tractor equipment for repair of the drafting hydrant at Station 62 on their December 14th agenda
C)    The new signs have been installed
D)   Six new SCBA tanks have been purchased using the state grant/match for safety gear and submitted to the county for reimbursement
Item 6) Water Tender
A)   The original price increased by $500 due to an increase in price for a 2012 chassis that meets new safety requirements; the $198,500 price quoted includes standard lettering, but does not include tax, transportation, inspection, potential change orders.  A payment in the amount of $87,000 for the chassis is required to guarantee the price and start the production process.
A Motion was made to authorize Chief Williges to enter into a contract with Midwest Fire, total price not to exceed $210,000 including any and all change orders, plus applicable tax and license fees, with any travel expenses for delivery of water tender to be approved at a later date
Motion to Approve:  Birney                     Second:   Gravelle
      Vote:  Biggs, Birney, Gravelle, Kattuah – Aye;   Absent:  Battaglia
Item 7) Operations Manual
A)  Discussion tabled; to be discussed at a future meeting
Item 8) Volunteers Report – David Lopez
A)   There are a total of six current volunteers and 10 active residents and two recent applicants
Item 9) Closed Session – Personnel
A)   Chairperson Kattuah closed the session at 8:19pm to discuss the open position of General Manager for the District
B)    Job description and salary were tabled until the regular January meeting to discuss adding the assessment clerk description to the job duties of General Manager
C)    Chairperson Kattuah to contact our attorney to prepare a contract for the chosen applicant
D)   Chairperson Kattuah reopened the session at 8:57pm to announce the Board’s decision to hire Jacqueline Poggi for the position of General Manager
Item 10) Five Year Plan Committee
A)   General Manager Poggi to work with Chief Williges, Director Birney and Volunteer Lopez on updating the five year plan—each to review the previous two plans and then they will schedule a committee meeting--to be held over until the February meeting
Item 11) Board Member Positions/JPA Positions
A)   Nomination/motion/vote of Chairman and Vice Chairman for 2012
Vice Chairperson Biggs nominated and motioned Cathy Kattuah for Chairperson
Second: Gravelle  
Chairperson Kattuah nominated and motioned Kim Biggs for Vice Chairperson
Second: Gravelle  
Passed unanimous voice vote
B)    Nomination/motion/vote of JPA member and alternate for 2012
Nomination Chairperson Kattuah nominated and motioned Kim Biggs for JPA member
Second: Birney
Vice Chairperson Biggs nominated and motioned Justin for JPA alternate
Second: Gravelle
Passed unanimous voice vote
   Item 12)  Board and Staff Member Reports--none
Adjourned 9:06 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted:
Kim Biggs – District Vice-Chairperson