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Loma Rica / Browns Valley Community Services District
Regular Meeting:  March 25, 2013


Item 1)  Meeting Call To Order:
A) Roll Call:    Present:  Biggs, Birney, Gravelle, Kattuah, Kinkle
Item 2) Public Communications:  None
   Item 3) Approve Minutes:
A)    Minutes For Regular Meeting of February 18, 2013
Motion to Approve:  Kinkle                                 Second:   Birney
      Passed unanimous voice vote   
Item 4) Accounting
A)    Financials—no discussion
B)    Warrants—it was noted that the control numbers were incorrect on the warrants—GM to correct before sending to county
Item 5) Chief’s Report—Chris DeSena, Division Chief, introduced Sean Griffis, the BC for Smartsville who will also oversee the Loma Rica/Browns Valley CSD at this time
A)    Numbering District vehicles--per Captain Robinson this will be a two-digit number system to know where the equipment comes from, which will improve communication as the equipment will have the same number as the originating station (will use license plate number or VIN for internal tracking).  The cost would be approximately $500, less than originally mentioned, as brackets were manufactured by staff.
Motion to adopt new placard numbering system not to exceed $500 and to utilize internal tracking by license plate number for all equipment made by Birney, Second:  Gravelle
Voice Vote:  Biggs, Birney, Gravelle, Kattuah, Kinkle – Aye
B)    SCBA tanks—Captain Robinson investigated pricing and it is currently $2/bottle cheaper to stay with our current vendor, American Eagle Fire Extinguisher, than to change to Precision.
C)    Update on networking error—Captain Robinson informed the Board that a new modem and (wireless) router were installed at the station (no access for the barracks), and the copier, printers and computers all seem to be working fine.  Cal-Fire IT will provide a switch to allow more ports.  We will also obtain a state-approved firewall hardware switch for the network.
D)    Captain Robinson reported equipment maintenance has begun and should be finished by the end of April.
E)     Captain Robinson stated they have started an inventory of all equipment—Station 62 has been completed and Station 61 is underway.
F)     DC DeSena reported that check #1185 dated June 6, 2011 payable to Nevada-Yuba-Placer Training in the amount of $175.00 was found by the payee and deposited.
G)    DC DeSena informed the Board that Marysville Fire did not receive their grant for staffing, and in order to continue their contract with CalFire, they must move their dispatch with one option being to utilize the Grass Valley Emergency Communications Center and using the Foothill Fire Net frequency.  A proposal will be made at the March 27, 2013 JPA meeting.
H)    Filing/Security:  DC DeSena would like to see direction from the Board for acceptable standards for labeling/purging/shredding files and documents.  Director Gravelle would like time to review the current policies and procedures in the Administrative Manual, and amend if necessary.  To be discussed at the April meeting.
Item 6) Volunteer’s Report—Captain Robinson
A)    The District has a new volunteer who has EMT training but no fire training, so will begin the process
Item 7) Presentation—the Board presented retired BC Curt Williges with a plaque thanking him for his years of service to the District.
Item 8) General Manager’s Report
A)    Recliners:  Captain Robinson is currently on vacation--tabled until his return
B)    Update on sale of retired water tender:  the auction company that we had planned to contact is now out of business; messages were left for two other companies with no responses. Discussion with Western States placed value (unseen) at $10,000.  Camptonville Volunteer Fire Dept has expressed an interest, as has a private party.  Discussed advertising the tender for sale to the public with a reserve price and requiring a $1,000 deposit with all bids.  GM Poggi to draft a sale proposal for the April regular Board meeting.
Item 9) District’s Policies concerning the District’s website
A)    General Manager Poggi presented a policy statement that was drafted at the inception of the District but never adopted. 
A motion was made to add the policy for the District’s website (in blue ink on handout) as Section 3011 to the Administrative Manual by Gravelle, seconded by Birney.
 Passed unanimous voice vote        
Item 10) Update purchase of District software for the webpage—GM Poggi to purchase and install (via download) onto District’s computer
Item 11) Discuss and review the District’s computer system and possible changes (Director Gravelle)
A)    Back-up device:  GM Poggi explained that she prefers Carbonite.  Need to verify that we have the correct subscription and are fully covered by their warranty for a small business.
B)    Security:  Director Gravelle wants verification from CalFire IT in writing that the firewall is in place and working correctly.
C)    Computer use:  GM Poggi to set up the District’s computer with user names and passwords for all Board members.
Item 12) Board and Staff Members’ Reports—Director Gravelle brought up a topic from the January 2012 regular Board meeting stating that the Operations Manual (Item 8) had been placed on hold until after the Five Year Plan was completed and work needs to begin.  Per BC DeSena, review concurrently with changes/updates to the Administrative Manual noted in 5)H above.  DC DeSena also informed the Board that agenda items need to be specific for disclosure to the public.
Adjourned 8:24 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted:
Kim Biggs – District Vice-Chairperson