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Loma Rica / Browns Valley Community Services District
Regular Meeting:  May 19, 2014


Item 1)  Meeting Call To Order:
A) Roll Call:   Present:  Biggs, Gravelle, Kattuah, Kinkle; Absent:  Birney (Excused)
Item 2)  Public Communications:  See Item 8B
   Item 3) Approve Minutes:
A)   Minutes For Regular Meeting of April 21, 2014
Motion to Approve minutes:  Kinkle
Second:   Gravelle
      Passed unanimous voice vote  
Item 4) Accounting
A)   Financials:  no questions/discussion
B)    Warrants:  no questions/discussion
Item 5) Chief’s Report—Chief Tom Webb
A)   Personnel sent to fight fires in San Diego county
B)    Someone is interested in purchasing old Engine #62—but also looking at another engine for sale
C)    New Engine is being serviced—scheduled to debut at the Browns Valley Post Office Sesquicentennial celebration
D)   Working on a Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant—50% matching grant
Item 6) Volunteer’s Report—David Lopez reported that we lost a volunteer who moved out of state.  Currently have four volunteers that can respond to calls.  Two new people showing interest in becoming a volunteer; however have been unable to reach one by telephone, so only one application is in process.  The volunteer academy is finished for this term
   Item 7) General Manager’s Report
A)  Update:  Yuba County new Fire Mitigation Ordinance:  GM Poggi contacted Rich Webb (Linda Fire Dept) on May 9th—he needs to get information to the County Building Dept for review—there has been a delay due to the number of recent fires in California that personnel are being pulled off to respond to.
B)    Update:  LRBVCSD Fire Mitigation Study:  Tabled until Ordinance is passed by County.
C)    Update:  Sale of old Engine 62—See Chief’s report Item 5B
D)   Election:  Three Directors with four year terms are up for re-election this year (Biggs, Birney, Kinkle)—GM Poggi to contact County for filing date deadlines
E)    MOU with County—Supervisor Stocker said he did not receive a copy of the May 9, 2014 letter from Scott Bryan and MOU; Stocker had wanted to attend this meeting but had a previous commitment.  Reviewed e-mail response from District’s legal counsel, Brant Bordsen, after his review of the MOU.  Chief Webb reminded the Board that the non-foothill districts are not being asked to sign this document and asked why are the five foothill districts being singled out?  Director Gravelle stated that the Board does not have enough information from the County at this time to respond to take any action—the County hasn’t stated their intentions.
Motion by Director Birney to draft letter for next Board meeting stating the District’s position, including the points made by legal counsel, Brant Bordsen, and that the District is taking no action at this time.  Seconded by Director Gravelle.
      Passed unanimous voice vote  
Item 8) Board and Staff Members’ Reports: 
A)   JPA update:  none—JPA only meets quarterly and does not meet again until June 25th.
B)    Update on new property for Station #63—Barry Taylor, Taylor Excavating:  (Mr. Taylor had worked with the District in 2010 on the original planning for the proposed station.)  Mr. Taylor informed the Board that the only place to build on the property at 6729 Marysville Road was at the top of the hill as originally planned, with an extensive amount of dirt work required.  The paving may be able to be scaled back from the original plans, using base rock for the present time to save money.  Mr. Taylor recommended the District have a local engineer review the site plans with the County to determine access—will be required in order to put in well and septic.  He also recommended that the District install the septic in the size required for the final phase.  Director Gravelle asked if the District should even use the existing property or look for a new property.  Mr. Taylor stated that there are only a limited number of properties available to service the Redhill area.   Silvio Poggi (past GM for the District) reminded the Board of the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) and its requirements, such as flashing lights on Marysville Road at the approach, limited outdoor lighting, a final landscaping plan, and EIR due to wetlands and Native American relics—etc.  He reminded the Board of the difficulty if purchasing a new property as the purchase contract would have to be contingent on all of these things and it is very difficult to get a seller to agree to wait through the time frames required to complete the reports. Director Gravelle stated that the Board still needs to look at the feasibility of keeping the current Marysville Road property—which reports have expired, which are still valid?  If new inspections are required, it would be no different than purchasing a new property; however, if still valid, it may make more sense to keep the Marysville Road property.  Mr. Poggi informed the Board that properties in the White Oak area would require extensive road work—very expensive.  He also stated that due to the elevation where the station would be built, it would have minimal impact on any neighbors.  He advised the Board to go back to talk to the original planners to ask for an update (for the CUP).  Director Birney stated it would make sense to do the work in phases:  dirt work, well, septic—then look at building two or three equipment bays.  Director Gravelle proposed an ad hoc committee (himself and Director Kinkle, who had started looking at properties) to research with the County to determine what has expired and what would be needed to go forward; with Mr. Poggi to provide assistance.  GN Jackie Poggi to contact attorney, Brant Bordsen, to ask about the bid process.  Station #63 to be a separate agenda item in future.
Adjourned 8:02 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted:
Kim Biggs – District Vice-Chairperson