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   Browns Valley

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Loma Rica / Browns Valley Community Services District
Regular Meeting:  June 16, 2014


Item 1)  Meeting Call To Order:
A) Roll Call:   Present:  Biggs, Birney, Gravelle, Kattuah, Kinkle
Item 2)  Public Communications:  None
   Item 3) Approve Minutes:
A)   Minutes For Regular Meeting of May 19, 2014
Motion to Approve minutes with correction to item 8B (“it” should be “if”):  Birney
Second:   Kinkle
      Passed unanimous voice vote  
Item 4) Accounting
A)   Financials:  no questions/discussion
B)    Warrants:  Director Gravelle questioned the expense to Silverado Avionics—it was explained that it is for a new radio—purchased using matching grant funds.
Item 5) Preliminary Budget for 2014/2015
A)   Discussion:  GM Poggi explained that since this is an election year with three seats up for re-election, the District would have election expenses of at least $10,000 per seat if anyone files to run against an incumbent
B)    Amend as necessary:  changed office expenses to reflect cost of volunteer awards
C)    Authorize Public Notice: 
Motion to authorize Public Notice of Proposed 2014/2015 Budget as amended:  Birney
Second:   Gravelle
     Passed unanimous voice vote
D)   Continue for July public hearing and adoption
Item 6) Resolution 2014-01, authorization for the County of Yuba to collect the Loma Rica/Browns Valley Community Services District benefit assessments for fiscal year 2014/2015
Motion to adopt Resolution 2014-01:  Birney
Second:   Kinkle
     Passed unanimous voice vote
Item 7) Resolution 2014-02, authorization for the County of Yuba to allow an annual automatic journal transfer of fees from the Loma Rica/Browns Valley Community Services District to the Yuba County Rural Fire Joint Powers Agency
Motion to adopt Resolution 2014-02 with correction to letterhead:  Birney
Second:   Gravelle
     Voice Vote:  Biggs, Birney, Gravelle, Kattuah, Kinkle—Aye
Item 8) Chiefs Report: 
A)   New engine is in service—attended the Browns Valley Post Office sesquicentennial celebration.  Still need a few mounts to bolt things down
B)    Personnel have been very busy in the past week with fires in the area
Item 9) Funding for Sutter Buttes Repeater Site:  Chief Webb requested that the District enter into a two year agreement with COMSITES West (the management company for the Sutter Buttes repeater site) to fund the cost of the repeater on the Sutter Buttes that is being used to cover the radio dead spots within the District.  Subsequent discussion questioned the legality of using District funds to pay for a CalFire (State) repeater.  Accountant Brooks suggested that the funds could be treated as a loan against fuel costs up to the amount of the request ($300/month, $7,200 total 24 month contract requested).  Accountant Brooks will need to review the fuel bills to book repayment.
Motion for LR/BVCSD to enter into a two year agreement with COMSITES West and will receive fuel in exchange for the loan:  Birney
Second:   Gravelle
     Voice Vote:  Biggs, Birney, Gravelle, Kattuah, Kinkle—Aye
Item 10) Volunteer’s Report:  Chief Webb stated a couple of existing volunteers have shown up to calls
Item 11) General Manager’s Report
A)   Update to Yuba County new Fire Mitigation Ordinance—due to busy fire season, not yet completed.  Rich Webb submitted to County Building Department, they made changes, which are now being reviewed by Rich.
B)    Update on Elections—GM Poggi will e-mail Directors whose positions are up for re-election (Biggs, Birney, Kinkle) one week before window opens with actual filing dates/deadline
C)    Discuss Yearly BBQ/Volunteer Awards—possibly in September, when weather is cooler?  Need to check Ops/Admin Manuals to determine if they need to be amended for award dates.  Discussed holding BBQ and awards ceremony at District Station.
Item 12) Offer on Fire Engine:  received offer that was below the Board’s minimum reserve price; however there have been no other offers. 
Motion to accept $4,000 offer from private party:  Birney
Second:   Gravelle
     Voice Vote:  Biggs, Birney, Gravelle, Kattuah, Kinkle—Aye
Item 13) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from Yuba County Office of Emergency Services (OES) regarding Dispatching:  the Yuba County Board of Supervisors signed a three year contract with CalFire for dispatch services; GM Poggi recommended responding to the letter from OES to prepare for future negotiations.  Response drafted by Chief Webb, reviewed and amended by Board.
Motion to send letter response to Yuba County OES as amended by Board discussion :  Gravelle
Second:   Birney
      Passed unanimous voice vote  
Item 14) Update on Station #63:  Director Gravelle informed the Board that all building permits (building, grading, land-leveling improvements, Conditional Use Permit—CUP) have been cancelled by the County as of May 18, 2012 except for the Encroachment permit, which was completed and signed off/finaled.  Recommended meeting with County Building Department to explain the situation and determine if any can be restored.  The District still needs to speak with legal counsel to determine if the project can be done with the District as owner/builder and if it can be done in small phases.
Item 15) Board and Staff Member Reports--none 
Adjourned 7:59 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted:
Kim Biggs – District Vice-Chairperson