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Loma Rica / Browns Valley Community Services District
Regular Meeting:  March 16, 2015


Item 1) Meeting Call To Order:
A) Roll Call:   Present:  Biggs, Birney, Gravelle, Kattuah, Kinkle
Item 2) Public Communications:  None
   Item 3) Approve Minutes:
  • Minutes For Regular Meeting of February 16, 2015
  • Motion to Approve minutes:  Biggs              Second:   Gravelle
          Aye—Biggs, Birney, Gravelle, Kattuah; Abstain—Kinkle (Absent from2/16/15 meeting)
          Motion passed
    Item 4) Accounting
  • Financials:  (Accountant Brooks not present); reviewed--no questions
  • Warrants:  Director Gravelle questioned the warrant payable for legal counsel, as the amount written was different—typo, GM Poggi will correct the warrant.
    Item 5) Chiefs Report:  (Chief Webb)
  • California Fire Assistance Agreement:  Chief Webb gave an overview of the current policy.  He also informed the Board that while we pay our volunteers a flat stipend per call, other districts, such as Linda, pay their volunteers an hourly amount for out of district calls (reimbursable cost recovery from CalOES, CalFire or the federal government).  This change would require input from Accountant Brooks, a resolution by the Board of Directors, etc.  Chief Webb and GM Poggi will attend the CalOES meeting regarding the changes in policy and report back to the Board.
  • Chief Webb informed the Board we are still waiting for the State for the purchase of the SCBAs—we currently do not have enough SCBAs for the new engine—the regulators were mixed up, which can create a liability for the District.  Chief Webb will obtain pricing for the purchase of new SCBAs before the grant funds are received
  • Chief Webb told the Board that the warrant repair work for Engine 61 has been completed and the Engine is scheduled to be picked up on Wednesday.  Also, on the engine just purchased from OES, there is an issue with the foam system, a plumbing leak, and a problem with the rear arrow stick.  They will take it down and drop it off for repairs when they pick up Engine 61.
    Item 6) Bid for painting new OES fire engine:  Chief Webb to obtain bids to present to the Board, as some directors feel  the cost may be prohibitive—due to the amount of the frame that would need to be repainted.  He will also obtain bids for decals to match the rest of the fleet.
    Item 7) Approve credit card issuance for obtaining fuel for fire engines—DC DeSena advised the Board to update the District’s Administrative Manual with a purchase policy—Chief Webb will check with other districts for verbage to use as a template.
              Director Gravelle motioned to approve two (2) credit cards be issued for fuel purchases
              Second:  Birney
              Motion passed
    Item 8) Approve credit card issuance for purchases for the District—GM Poggi explained this would typically be used for purchases of supplies/equipment when a discount can be obtained for ordering online, or if items are only available through online ordering.  She will ask Umpqua Bank for the process to apply for a credit card for the District.  Tabled for April meeting.
    Item 9) Volunteer’s Report—David Lopez reported that we still have three volunteers who are able to respond to calls.  One volunteer stopped showing up for training, but informed David that he is back in the area and wants to get back in the program.
    Item 10) Issue warrant for $222.68 to bring petty cash account up to the $2,000 maximum as noted in the Administrative Manual
              Director Birney made a motion to issue a warrant for $222.68 to bring the petty cash account to $2,000
              Second:  Kinkle
              Roll call vote:  Biggs, Birney, Gravelle, Kattuah, Kinkle—Aye
              Motion passed
    Item 11) General Manager’s Report
  • Conflict of Interest policy submitted to Yuba County was approved by the Board of Supervisors—all Form 700’s need to be submitted to the District’s GM effective immediately
  • GM Poggi is working on an updated review for LAFCO—required by April 3, 2015
  • The FASIS Pharmacy Benefit Management program went into effect February 2, 2015—Captain Drexel will cover the program in her training with the volunteers
  • The 2014 audit has been submitted to Jensen Smith
    Item 12) Set resale price for newly purchased OES engine for insurance purposes and Five Year General Plan—Chief Webb recommended setting the value at $250,000 due to the cost of replacement
              Motion made by Birney to set the value of the OES engine for insurance purposes to $250,000
              Second:  Kinkle
              Roll call vote:  Biggs, Birney, Gravelle, Kattuah, Kinkle—Aye
              Motion passed
    Item 13) Station #63 update:  Director Gravelle informed the Board that he spoke with the engineer who worked on the Bangor station, and due to a job change, he is not interested in reviewing the plans.  He recommended hiring a consultant to move forward.  GM Poggi to request a list of architects from Yuba County in order to proceed.  DC DeSena advised the Board that they need to check with the County building department:  is there a difference in the permit process for an unmanned station used only for equipment storage?  Would it require a complete upgrade of the entire building if the use changes in the future?  Chief Webb to discuss these issues with a member of the County’s planning department.  
              It was also discussed that the financials reflect capital replacement funds in a way that separates mitigation, capital replacement, restricted vs unrestricted funds, rather than showing a combined balance sheet, as when Accountant Brooks isn’t available, it is not possible to obtain this information.  Tabled for discussion with Accountant when next available.
    Item 14) Board and Staff Members’ Reports—Director Biggs reported the next JPA meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 25, 2015, and that another JPA member had requested that the MOU with Yuba County for dispatch services be placed back on the JPA agenda.
              DC DeSena reported that the SRA fees paid are being used for grants for projects—mostly through Fire Safe programs—for roads, chipping program, fuel breaks, and defensible space assistance for special needs residents.
    Adjourned 8:19 p.m.
    Respectfully Submitted:
    Kim Biggs – District Vice-Chairperson