Loma Rica /

   Browns Valley

        Fire Department















Loma Rica / Browns Valley Community Services District
Regular Meeting March 21, 2016
Approved Minutes
Item 1) Meeting Call To Order:

       A) Roll Call: Present: Biggs, Birney, Kattuah, Kinkle, S. Poggi

Item 2) Public Communications: None

Item 3) Approve Minutes of the February 22, 2016 meeting

      A)    Motion to Approve Minutes: Kinkle                     Second: Biggs
            Motion passed

Item 4) Accounting


       A)  Finances—No financials; Accountant Brooks not available     
       B) Warrants—No discussion.

Item 5) Chiefs Report—Chief Webb stated he will be out of the area next month, teaching in San Luis Obispo. He also informed the Board       that CalFire has hired 16 additional staff members for fuel reduction projects—they are currently working on removing weeds and creating breaks around the Empire Mine State Park and will be starting compliance inspections for defensible space in Yuba County in another month or so.

Item 6) Captain Drexel presented promotional fire badges and hats with the District's logo for fire
safety education events. There is a $30 set up fee to add our logo. She recommended
purchasing 1,000 foil badges at this time.

        Motion to purchase 1,000 foil badges as recommended by Captain Drexel: Birney

        Second: Kinkle


        Rollll call vote: Biggs, Birney, Kattuah, Kinkle, Poggi—Aye
        Motion passed

Item 7) Volunteer's Report—

         A) Four volunteers participated in the Bok Kai parade and our entry was well received.

         B) Discussed participation in the Red Suspenders Day parade in Gridley, which takes place mid-May.

         C) Yuba College thanked Chief Webb and Volunteer Leno Mota for bringing the water tender to campus for training.

Item 8) General Manager's Report:

         A) Weed spraying at Station #63 property was completed March 16th


         B) There is an existing checking account for the volunteers Auxiliary with a small balance; Chief Webb recommends keeping this     account open; however, GM Poggi must work with Bank to determine current authorized signers on the account.

Item 9) Discuss and Approve funds for new TV in barracks: to be discussed and paid for by the Volunteers, due to restrictions for purchasing items with District funds that do not directly benefit the public

Item 10) Station #63

         A) Well system update: Beymer informed GM Poggi that they have two drilling projects ahead of us, and with the recent rains, they are 4-6 weeks out before starting our project.


         B) Update on meeting with GRA architect, Michael Burchow (Chairperson Kattuah and GM Poggi): Michael explained that fees and construction costs have increased and that there are many electrical building codes and energy compliance changed since the drawings were completed in 2010. He will draft a contract for the Board's review by the end of next week. It was determined that the District wants a building similar to Station #62, with three bays, and an office and bathroom with a shower. Grading will still be the biggest expense. Chief Webb recommended exploring solar, and also to talk to representatives at the Fire Safe Council to see if there are grant funds available for landscaping.

         C) Septic: GM Poggi stated there was no expiration date on the original bid from Taylor Excavating that was accepted/awarded previously, and will ask legal counsel if we can use this contract without going out to re-bid. She will also ask if it is acceptable if there is a price adjustment due to the length of time since the contract was awarded.

         D) The District needs to determine who is responsible for preparation of the RFPs—will it be the Architect, the District, or a 3`d party? Mike recommends completing the well, septic, and slab before fall.

Item 11) Board and Staff Members' Reports: It was reported the next JPA meeting will be held Wednesday, March 30th at 7pm at the Loma Rica/Browns Valley station.

        Adjourned 7:47 p.m.

        Respectfully Submitted:

        Kim Biggs - District Vice-Chairperson