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Loma Rica / Browns Valley Community Services District
Regular Meeting:  June 20, 2016


Item 1) Meeting Call To Order:
A) Roll Call:   Present:  Biggs, Birney, Kattuah, Kinkle, S. Poggi
Item 2) Public Communications:  See Item 9 below
Item 3) Approve Minutes of the May 16, 2016 meeting
  • Motion to Approve Minutes as written:  Birney                  Second:  Poggi
  •                 Motion passed
    Item 4) Approve Amador Contract for 2016/2017
  • Director Poggi noted previous Amador Contracts had increased about five percent (5%) each year; however the proposed contract has a twelve percent (12%) increase and is seventy-eight percent (78%) of the operating budget expense, which is not sustainable.  Chief Webb explained the increases are partially due to the proposed new minimum wage laws, and costs of state employee health care and pensions.
    Motion made to Approve 2016/2017 Amador Contract by Kinkle;    Second:  Birney
    Roll call vote:  Biggs, Birney, Kattuah, Kinkle—Aye          Abstain:  Poggi
                  Motion passed
    Item 5) Approve Resolution 2016-03:  Authorize General Manager to execute a one (1) year cooperative fire protection agreement with the California Department of Forestry for Fiscal Year 2016/2017
  • Motion to Approve Resolution 2016-03 as written:  Birney          Second:  Kinkle
  •                 Motion passed
    Item 6) Approve Operating Budget 2016/2017
  • Discuss adjustments to reflect additional $30,000 equipment rental income and increased cost of Amador Contract.  Motion by Poggi to add $30,000 to the income side of the 2016/2017 Budget; Second:  Birney
  • Roll call vote:  Biggs, Birney, Kattuah, Kinkle, Poggi—Aye
         Motion passed
  • Open for public discussion 7:42pm (none)
  • Closed for public discussion 7:43pm
  • Motion to Approve 2016/2017 Operating Budget as adjusted by Birney; Second:  Kinkle
  • Roll call vote:Biggs, Birney, Kattuah, Kinkle, Poggi—Aye
    Motion passed
    Item 7) Approve Resolution 2016-01:  Authorize the County of Yuba to collect Loma Rica/Browns Valley Community Services District Benefit Assessments for Fiscal Year 2016/2017
  • Motion to Approve Resolution 2016-01 as written:  Birney          Second:  Kinkle
  •                 Motion passed
    Item 8) Approve Resolution 2016-02:  Authorize the County of Yuba to allow an automatic journal transfer of $1,250 from the Loma Rica/Browns Valley Community Services District to the Yuba County Rural Fire Joint Powers Agency
  • Motion to Approve Resolution 2016-02 as written:  Poggi           Second:  Birney
  • Roll call vote:  Biggs, Birney, Kattuah, Kinkle, Poggi—Aye
                     Motion passed
    Item 9) Discuss request from Hallwood CSD for Fire and Rescue Assistance:  Hallwood CSD Board Member Jeremy Damon approached the Board to determine if there was any interest in providing fire and emergency services to their District.  They are currently covered by a contract with the City of Marysville through June 2017 and are exploring all options. They will need to make a decision by January 2017.  Chief Webb will discuss this with CalFire District Chief DeSena and bring information back to the Board.  Tabled for future discussion upon receipt of this information.
    Item 10) Accounting
  • Finances—Accountant Brooks noted that the green sheets from the County for May were just received today and have not bee reviewed, so while expenses are accurate, income may change.
  • Warrants—Clarified warrant to Peter’s Drilling and Pump Service was for completion of project, not permit.
    Item 11) Budget adjustments for end of Fiscal Year 2016—tabled for July meeting
    Item 12) Chief’s Report—Chief Webb introduced Captain Rouse as the new summertime Captain.  Maintenance is being performed on equipment to prepare for the summer fire season.  The District received some equipment from a grant (hoses, clamps, etc.)
    Item 13) Approve Resolution 2016-04:  Authorize overtime and portal to portal pay for employees while in the course of their employment and away from their official duty station and assigned to an emergency incident in support of an emergency incident, or pre-positioned for emergency response
  • Motion to Approve Resolution 2016-04 with correction to spelling of “therefore”:  Poggi Second:  Kinkle
  •                  Motion passed
    Item 14) Volunteer’s Report—Leno reported the volunteers have been very busy responding to calls
    Item 15) General Manager’s Report
  • Election year paperwork has been completed—the County will notify the District when the window for filing opens.
  • Signature Cards—the County Auditor has a new signature form for authorized signatures which must be turned in by July 1st of each year.
    Item 16) Discuss and Review 2016/2017 Budget—duplicate agenda item—see #6 above
       Item 17) Station #63
  • The well has been completed.  Water was located at 160’ depth, but the well was drilled to 200’.  12 gallons per minute (gpm).  Contractor has been paid.
  • Update on special inspector:  GM Poggi reported that the inspector from Genesis did not return her call; she has contacted two others (one from Marysville, one from Roseville).  They must obtain plans from the County telling them what inspections they need to do and then they can give us a price.  We can not do the septic or start any other development until the special inspector is in place.
    Item 18) Discuss and Approve revised plans for Station #63—Chief Webb stated that the stairs                     for the mezzanine are not acceptable from the outside and must be inside the building.  In order to do that with the existing building dimensions, the Attack will need to go in the smaller space next to the mezzanine to allow room for the stairs.
    Item 19) Board and Staff Members’ Reports:  Director Biggs reported the next JPA meeting will be held Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at 7pm at the Camptonville Volunteer Fire Station.
    Item 20) Director Poggi made a motion per Section 54954.2(2)(b)(2) of the government code to place the Fee Proposal for Design Modifications from GRA on the Agenda as an item that needs immediate action and was not on the original agenda.  Second:  Kinkle
    Roll call vote:  Biggs, Birney, Kattuah, Kinkle, Poggi—Aye
                     Motion passed
  • After review and discussion, the item was tabled for GM Poggi to contact Mike at GRA to obtain a breakdown of the costs and to clarify if these are in addition to the $5,500 previously approved.
    Adjourned 8:32 p.m.
    Respectfully Submitted:
    Kim Biggs – District Vice-Chairperson